Our Students

Vinayak Desai


Where do you live?
Badlapur, Mumbai.

Can you give a bit of background to your life before COFVI?
Before joining COFVI I used to sell coconuts in my village.

How did you hear about COFVI?
I got to know about COFVI through a friend of mine.

Why did you apply to COFVI?
My friend gave a good feedback about it which lead me to take admission in COFVI.

How has COFVI impacted your life?
COFVI has brought a positive change in my life. I learnt so many different things after joining COFVI which has actually helped me grow.

What are your plans for future once you have graduated from COFVI?
I would love to work in a fragrance firm.

What is your favorite ingredient?
I love the fragrance of a strawberry.

What advice would you give to someone thinking about applying to COFVI?
I would like if my friends join it. It’s a good institution.