Our students are hardworking, ambitious and determined to find their way out of all the obstacles. We would need your help in finding them employment within the fragrance industry or any other industries of their interest. Companies in the fragrance industry can partner with us for recruiting our students as Fragrance evaluators and Quality control technicians. They can work both in fragrance and flavours industry for QC as well as evaluations. They can also work in the fmcg space for unbiased panel test and evaluation.

Consumer control panel

COFVI was started out with a belief that visually impaired have a better sense of smell than the normal cited people and with the same belief in mind we would be more than happy to serve you. If you need any of your products to be tested by our Control panel of these talented visually impaired students kindly get in touch with us. The panel can be a combination of experts as well as non-experts.

Quality control

If you need any of your raw materials or fragrances to be tested on its quality, we would urge you to recruit our highly well trained and qualified students for your organoleptic QC requirements. These students will always give you an unbiased and honest opinion.


We would love to hear from you. Sponsorship can be in terms of sponsoring our Students' stays at NAB (National association for the blind), Education, boarding/lodging for the outstation students, funding the course and any other ways you would love to lend a helping hand.

If you’d like to sponsor one of our incredible students or the initiative, please get in touch with us at