Our Student

Santosh Nagarkar


Where do you live?
Badlapur, Mumbai

Can you give a bit of background to your life before COFVI?
I was working in a call center which is in Child healthcare.

How did you hear about COFVI?
I heard it from BPA.

Why did you apply to COFVI?
I wanted upgrade from a call center job.

How has COFVI impacted your life?
I learned a lot of things in COFVI which I was not exposed to before and my life has been impacted very positively by COFVI.

What are your plans for future once you have graduated from COFVI?
I want to work in the perfume industry.

What is your favorite ingredient?
I like Basil.

What advice would you give to someone thinking about applying to COFVI?
I would suggest if they are interested in smelling they should join COFVI.