Our Students

Nitin Patil


Where do you live?
I stay in Wadala in Mumbai.

Can you give a bit of background to your life before COFVI?
I was working in an NGO as a field worker and have also worked as a tele operator in a good company.

How did you hear about COFVI?
I got to know about COFVI from NAB.

Why did you apply to COFVI?
I wanted to make a good career in some strong industry and that’s why I applied into COFVI.

How has COFVI impacted your life?
Securing admission into COFVI is a big thing for me.I have developed a lot of interest and love for working into fragrances and I feel my life can be changed if I get good opportunities through COFVI.

What are your plans for future once you have graduated from COFVI?
I want to work in fragrances definitely.

What is your favorite ingredient?
I love fruity fragrances like that of Orange & Bergamot.

What advice would you give to someone thinking about applying to COFVI?
I would show them my experience and insist them on joining COFVI.